Papi(PJ) DiNuzzo

The Spirit in me greets the Spirit in you.

My “Manifesting the Law of Attraction” message to you is one of hope, inspiration, abundance, and peace of mind. This is YOUR long lost “Secret” to success for you to Manifest Anything You Can Imagine.

No matter your past, you possess Universal “Creative Power” within you, and you can do this! In fact, you will find that every difficulty, problem, and challenge that you face carries within them your solution for their overcoming and even greater opportunities for your self-improvement, personal development, and quantum leap.

I AM so honored that we are starting a lifelong success-filled journey together. Take the leap and jump on board with me and let me be your “Ride or Die.” Find your flow and hitch a ride, the greatest ride of your life.


Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author

As Seen On...

As Seen On...

My "Mission"

My Mission is to Inspire and Provide Free Mindset Teaching and Coaching to Underserved People,
Communities of Color, Single-Parent Households, and Women and Children in Need, to Manifest and Take Action
Through Self-Improvement and Personal Development in Order for Them to Create and Live Their “Best-Life.”

My "Why"

My Italian Grandma, Rose
My Polish Grandma, Anna
My mom, Phyllis

Drawing inspiration from the lives of the three most significant women in my life—my Grandmas Rose and Anna, and my mom, Phyllis, who each struggled with overwhelming adversity, my “Why” is to prevent any of my fellow brothers or sisters from enduring similar hardships. No one should live in poverty or feel fear, shame, hopeless, or full of despair. Regardless of your past, you are able to manifest your “Best-Life” no matter how negative or overwhelming you believe your current personal or financial problems to be.

My Life’s “Purpose”

Delivering hope, inspiration, abundance, and peace of mind, to underserved people, communities of color, and single-parent households, through food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, transportation, education, and most importantly Spirituality and Faith. I deliver this hope and inspiration to my fellow brothers and sisters, and especially women and children in need, through my biological family, my team family, my family of clients, my community family, and my Spiritual family…every single fellow brother and sister of mine on this planet earth.

What It’s About


Make It Happen.

Make Something Real.

Wish for Something and It Happens.

Using Your Thoughts, Feelings, and Intentions, “TFI’s,” to Bring Your Goal Into Your Physical Reality.

No Matter Your Past, You Can Do This!

Law of Attraction

Like Attracts Like.

Positive Thoughts are Magnets
for Positive Life Experiences.

Negative Thoughts are Magnets
for Negative Life Experiences.

It is an Infallible Universal Law and
Controls the Workings of Your Mind and the Manifestation of Your Desires.

Your Goal is More Positive and Less Negative.

What I Do

(#1 Help You #1a Help Others)

Free Speaking Engagements for Groups and People in Need

Two Free, One-Hour “Manifesting the Law of Attraction” Webinar Presentations Per Month, Followed by Personalized Q&A

Free Weekly:
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Free Manifest Anything
You Can Imagine

Free V.E.G.G.A. Coin or V.E.G.G.A Card

Free Access to P. J. DiNuzzo to
Present to Your Not-For-Profit Group or Organization in Need

Free Spanish Translator
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Free Once Weekly
Manifest Anything You Can Imagine Individual Book Chapter Recap

Free Self-Confidence Formula

***Overall $5,000+ Coaching Value Available for FREE to Those in Need***

How You Can Help

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Meet Papi(PJ) DiNuzzo

Inspirational Speaker, Mindset Coach
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author

Papi(PJ) DiNuzzo is the Founder and President of Papi MindsetCoach™, Papi Coach de Mentalidad™, and DiNuzzo Private Wealth, Inc., which he founded in 1989, and which currently serves clients in over 30 states across the United States and manages $987 Million Dollars, as of March 31, 2024. Through Papi MindsetCoach™ and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™, he delivers self-improvement and personal development by teaching people who desire to Manifest their dream lives no matter what their current financial circumstances look like. Papi’s passion is to inspire underserved people, communities of color, single-parent households, and women and children in need. His message is one of hope, inspiration, abundance, and peace of mind.

He is also the Wall Street Journal (#5 in the U.S.), USA Today (Bestseller List), Amazon (#1 Non-Fiction Overall), and Barnes and Noble (#1 U.S. and International) bestselling author of Manifest Anything You Can Imagine (Morgan James Publishing, 2024), Manifiesta Todo lo que Puedas Imaginar (Morgan James Publishing (Spanish), 2024) The DiNuzzo “Middle-Market Family Office” Breakthrough (Morgan James Publishing, 2022),  Don’t Get Killed on Taxes (Morgan James Publishing, 2023), The Seven Keys to Investing Success (Lioncrest Publishing, 2020), The Secret to Scale (Morgan James Publishing, 2024).


My Books

Manifest Anything You Can Imagine

Manifest Anything You Can Imagine is unique in its earnest promise that anyone, irrespective of their background or present predicament, can realize optimal health, wealth, and happiness through consistent application of straightforward principles. From single mothers navigating scarce resources, individuals recovering from setbacks, or those battling self-doubt and fear, this book offers tangible strategies and inspiration. DiNuzzo’s work aims to alter generational trajectories and empower readers to unlock their potential and claim the life they truly deserve.

Manifiesta Todo lo que Puedas Imaginar

“Manifiesta Todo lo que Puedas Imaginar” es único en su promesa sincera de que cualquier persona, independientemente de su origen o situación actual, puede alcanzar una salud, riqueza y felicidad óptimas mediante la aplicación coherente de principios sencillos. Este libro ofrece estrategias tangibles e inspiración para madres solteras con escasos recursos, personas que se recuperan de reveses o quienes luchan contra la duda y el miedo. La obra de DiNuzzo pretende alterar las trayectorias generacionales y capacitar a los lectores para liberar su potencial y reclamar la vida que realmente merecen.

The Seven Keys to Investing Success

No matter your profession, one day, a reconciliation of the lifelong investment decisions you have made will take precedence over everything else… at retirement. This reflection will trigger the mandate for a full assessment of where you stand, while also illuminating the importance of developing a plan for your future. For many people, this thought evokes a fear and anxiety that they’re not properly prepared, unleashing the two forces that are the worst enemy of personal finance success. Your challenge is no longer simply picking investments hoping solely for growth—but rather building a total-return, risk-adjusted withdrawal investment strategy founded on “playing defense first.”

The DiNuzzo “Middle-Market Family Office” Breakthrough

More personal and business wealth exists in the world today than ever before, as privately held business owners creatively grow their companies. Unfortunately, the private wealth industry has not kept up and options for successful middle-market business owners are limited. Only the world’s wealthiest families have access to the expertise needed to truly achieve their business, personal, financial, and philanthropic needs. In The DiNuzzo Middle-Market Family Office Breakthrough, private wealth advisor P.J. DiNuzzo reveals the first and only structure through which he and a well-coordinated team of experts help middle-market business owners get the same level of service once only reserved for the ultra-wealthy. At DiNuzzo Private Wealth, Inc., we help you “Make it Your Best-Life!

The Secret to Scale

The most successful people in the world all had one thing in common. Each of them was surrounded by a team of specialists who could help them answer any question and solve any problem that came up. In The Secret to Scale, P. J. DiNuzzo and more than a dozen other business advisors come together to give you the same advantage shared by the most successful business leaders in history.

Don't Get Killed on Taxes

Many people get killed on their taxes each year, but that doesn’t have to be your story.

The average person doesn’t need a degree in business or accounting to avoid paying too much in taxes—they simply need to discover their misconceptions about taxes and create a plan to reduce those taxes over time. In Don’t Get Killed by Taxes, P. J. DiNuzzo and Steven Jarvis bust the most common myths that keep people paying too much in taxes. They share five simple building blocks that can save money and reveal twenty of the most common tax strategies to substantially reduce an individual’s tax burden.

Connect with P.J.

"Give a Fish ... Teach to Fish ... delivering hope"

A "Paying it Forward" Self-Improvement and Personal Development Charitable Community Outreach Initiative

Founded, Supported, and Funded by DiNuzzo Private Wealth, Inc.

Where We Started... Where We Are Going...

Where We Started...
Where We Are Going...

I founded DiNuzzo Private Wealth, Inc. in 1989 with nothing but a dream, a commitment, a set of core values, and a belief system that have remained in place to today.

My Dream
I started with $0 in Assets Under Management. But I dreamed of building a Wealth Management firm that would help my fellow brothers and sisters in my family, neighborhood, state, country and points beyond and between achieve their goals, enjoy their Best-Life, and protect their families in a manner that they were not currently being served.

My intent was to make DiNuzzo Private Wealth the destination Wealth Management firm to provide peace of mind to my fellow brothers and sisters.

My Commitment
I grew up in and worked in our family restaurant and I was always very good with “numbers” and people but had no direct experience in the Private Wealth industry.

But I was committed to building DiNuzzo Private Wealth with a lot of effort, prayers, hope, and the simplest of a so-called business plan: genuinely help people with their personal finances and life goals, treat them like family, and maintain a steadfast faith that if my clients were happy, everything would work out and the company would grow.

My Core Values and Belief System
Although I was new to the Private Wealth industry in 1989, my values and belief system, as well as the experience I desired for my future “family of clients,” conflicted with the manner in which individuals had been treated by others in the industry for decades.

Specifically, I refused to accept the heavy commissions other advisors routinely charged for investments they recommended so I initiated a fee-only billing structure.

I also refused to participate in the typical conflict-of-interest-laden nature of recommendations with which others operated, so I set up a “goals-based” client service and financial planning model that put my “family of clients’” interests first.

Finally, the vast majority of the industry did not operate under a fiduciary standard in 1989 but I wanted to ensure my clients were confident they could trust that my recommendations were in their best interests, not mine, so I launched the firm  as one of the first few hundred in the U. S. operating under a fiduciary standard.

Our Growth
In short, truly helping my fellow brothers and sisters was the cornerstone of my belief and value system and a non-negotiable part of the way I started and have built DiNuzzo Private Wealth over the past five decades.

Building DiNuzzo Private Wealth with integrity into what it is today—purely organically and without merging, acquiring, or otherwise “buying” growth—was in many ways a tough and long road at times.

Decades later, however, we have achieved my original vision of helping a tremendous and ever-expanding number of our “family of clients” and have grown to more than twenty “team family” members, serving clients in over 30 states across the USA, and managing $987 Million Dollars in Assets Under Management as of March 31, 2024.

For this ongoing accomplishment I am very thankful and grateful for the trust that our “family of clients” at DiNuzzo Private Wealth have placed in me and our “team family.”

Establishing (and the Challenges with) “Minimums”
In 1989, I did not set an account minimum size requirement to do business with DiNuzzo Private Wealth. My first client gave me $2,000 to manage and I was very grateful.

When we started to experience growth and add team members, I established our first “minimum,” $100,000 per household, to help us get organized and develop a proper business structure and customized service model and standard.

I have been so appreciative that we have consistently attracted new like-minded people to our “team family” in whose personal DNA it is to treat clients’ best interests first and foremost.

With our continued ongoing success and more time, effort, money, and resources invested in our client relationships, we expanded the services we routinely offered to our “family of clients.” Over the decades, we began offering DiNuzzo Financial Wellness LifePlans, Investment Planning, Investment Management, Tax Planning, Integrated Tax Preparation, Risk Management, and Client Service Specialists on top of the true Wealth Management services with which we started. As a result of the corresponding collective effort we committed to our “family of clients,” our household minimum grew to $250k, $500k, $1M, and, now, as of today, $2M.

Again, I am very grateful for how much we have grown, our wonderful “team family,” and our even more wonderful “family of clients.”

My Why
But the one thing that has lingered in my mind and challenged my values and belief system is helping my fellow brothers and sisters in need and those who have nothing: the original reason I founded the business.

I love the value that we add to our existing client relationships but what about people who can’t meet our minimum and, especially, what about people trying to turn their life around or those who have nothing?

This has weighed on me, since I stated earlier that I founded our business on the cornerstone of helping people. I think of the three most important women in my life, my Italian Grandma Rose, my Polish Grandma Anna, and my Mom Phyllis, along with my other relatives who migrated here from Italy and Poland to work in the steel mills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What if they desperately needed guidance but didn’t have $2 Million dollars, which is a minimum that dozens of my relatives added together wouldn’t be able to accomplish?

I would never want to turn anyone of them, or any of my fellow brothers and sisters, down when they needed guidance and help just because they couldn’t meet my high minimum.

Paying it Forward
Fast forward to today. I founded Papi MindsetCoach™and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™ teaching and coaching service for exactly this reason and purpose. In addition to DiNuzzo Private Wealth’s traditional Wealth Management and Tax services, I focus on providing teaching and coaching services to underserved people, communities of color, single parent households, and women and children in need through Papi MindsetCoach™ and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™. Basically, focusing on our fellow brothers and sisters among us who are most in need. Most of them are truly starting out with or have nothing to their name, which is why the focus of my teaching is typically on their self-improvement, self-help, personal development, peace of mind, hope, and inspiration.

That is why I founded Papi MindsetCoach™ and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™. Through Papi MindsetCoach™ and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™, I am typically  speaking, presenting, and collaborating with, or teaching individuals through, not-for-profit groups or organizations. And their needs are completely different than managing assets. What many of them truly desire is to rise out of poverty, hunger, fear, shame, hopelessness, and guilt, and turn around their lives, and manifest their Best-Life.

Our entire “team family” at DiNuzzo Private Wealth still keenly focuses on each individual client relationship, the same as we have since 1989. And will continue to do so. We are and will remain forever grateful for everything our clients have entrusted in us since 1989 and are honored to be able to pay it forward to underserved people, communities of color, single parent households, and women and children in need through Papi MindsetCoach™ and Papi Coach de Mentalidad™, in addition to the work we will continue to do through DiNuzzo Private Wealth.

It is just that now, as we evolve, give back, invest in our community family members in need, and pay forward our knowledge to a greater number of our fellow brothers and sisters in need, you may read about or come across this teaching and coaching service and wonder what it is and what we are doing.

Just know that our existing client relationships remain exactly the same as they have since 1989 but that this teaching and coaching service is our “Give a Fish … Teach to Fish … Delivering Hope,” charitable community outreach initiative to help those in need among us or those within our reach who currently have nothing or very little to their name.

My Personal Thank You
I thank all of you in advance for your current and continued support of my mission and our “team family’s” goal to our “Paying it Forward” Self-Improvement and Personal Development charitable outreach initiative, so we can deliver hope and inspiration to as many fellow brother and sisters of ours in need as we can.


My Companies

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Mr. Joseph Sadera

Mr. Joseph Sadera

Teacher, Freehold Primary School, Nakuru, Kenya, Africa

The students and I have enjoyed Papi's presentations and teachings which nurture the students and foster their determination. I must emphasize the profound impact of Papi's teachings on the students' empathy and dedication. These qualities that Papi teaches are crucial in guiding our students towards meaningful decisions and reality in their everyday life in Nakuru, Kenya, Africa. It's clear that the students have made significant progress.
Mr. Kennedy Koech

Mr. Kennedy Koech

Teacher, Freehold Primary School, Nakuru, Kenya, Africa

I wanted to share my thoughts and feedback on Papi's presentations and teachings that he has conducted with my students in Nakuru, Kenya, Africa. Papi's presentations and teachings are insightful sessions and I believe it has left a positive impact on each of my students. Papi shared many valuable insights especially regarding Mind (conscious, subconscious, and body), empowering decision, visualization, reality, thought management, and many more. Papi's guidance on these topics, amongst others he has discussed during the sessions, has provided the students with valuable tools for personal and academic growth.
Topher Morrison

Topher Morrison

CEO, Topher Communications

I had the pleasure of meeting Papi when he recorded a series of videos at my production studio. Our company regularly records thought leaders of various industries, and I’ve personally been in the personal/professional development industry for over 30 years. During that time, I’ve met several mindset coaches who specialize in helping others create lives of abundance. And I’ve become quite jaded over the years because the majority of them talk a great talk, but don’t walk the walk. I’m a pretty good read on people, and I can confidently say that Papi is the real deal. If you’ve seen him on camera or on stage you know he delivers a great message. But I want to speak about the man behind the speaker. He doesn’t change when the camera stops recording. He is authentic, genuine, and demonstrates the philosophies that he teaches through his actions. I found him to be a breath of fresh air in an industry fraught with people who don’t live by the principles they expect of others.

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