Important Disclosure Information

Papi(PJ) DiNuzzo, Mindset Coach, MBA, MSTxis the founder and President of DiNuzzo Private Wealth, Inc. (“DPW”), an SEC registered investment adviser. DPW offers various types of investment advisory and non-investment advisory services, including the non-investment advisory success/self-help consulting services that are the subject of this presentation.  Please Note: LimitationsThis presentation is limited to the discussion of non-investment-related success/self-help topics and issues. The presentation does not include a discussion of investment-related topics or issues, and no portion of the presentation should be construed as investment-related advice. A copy of DPW’s current written disclosure Brochure and Form CRS discussing the scope of DPW’s services is available upon request or at www.dinuzzo.comThe scope of the services to be provided by DPW depends upon the needs and requests of the client and the terms of the engagement